Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept at NAIAS

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Ford Atlas Concept at 2013 NAIAS
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Ford today unveiled the Ford Atlas Concept at the North America International Auto Show in Detroit. The Ford Atlas Concept was built to showcase the design, capability, fuel efficiency and smart technologies that will define future pickup trucks.

One of the more memorable unveilings at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show was another monster pickup truck from Ford. The Ford Atlas Concept give us a look at the potential future if the flagship Ford F-150. To say that Ford was aiming for a muscular and rugged design would be an understatement. The front grille in particular stood out as particularly bold. The Atlas Concept also sports the next-generation EcoBoost engine.


Upcoming Debuts at the NAIAS. Note: Stylish looks still move the metal

Everyone is working feverishly to increase m.p.g. but when it comes down to money time stylish looks still move the metal. Here are some new designs and debuts for this years North American International Auto Show.

Automakers are pouring billions of dollars into fuel-efficient powertrains. But shapely sheet metal still sells cars — which is why fresh design statements will be abundant at the North American International Auto Show next week.

Hyundai and Kia, for example, promise to make a splash with the Hyundai Curb and Kia KV7 crossovers.

Chrysler is trying for a more refined rear-drive sedan with the redesigned 300.

And a Toyota Prius wagon is scheduled to make its debut.

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NAIA – The Best breaks down the best in show at the NAIA this year. This industry is getting exciting with all the new entries!

The North American International Auto Show opens to the public today and while you’ve seen all of the new vehicles splashed on television and in the newspaper, you’re probably wondering what really is new this year. What will make the biggest impression and what should you just skip?

What’s the best of the 2010 show?

If we’ve learned anything during the past week, it is that “the best” is in the eye of the beholder. Some people will flock to the Lexus stand and coo over the gold LF-ch concept and others will spend their time breathing heavily over the row of Chevrolet pickups. Both may serve best roles, but in two different worlds.

Truth be told, parked throughout Cobo Center are some of the best cars money can buy — and a few that no one can afford — but the best of the newest vehicles vary greatly. There are a lot of ways to define “best.”

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