Interesting Facts About Your Car Insurance


Driving a car is often referred to as a privilege. This makes sense, as being able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle requires a certain degree of responsibility. For many, the decision to buy a car is the first real step that is taken to obtain a new level of freedom. When the time comes for you to buy a new ride, you are going to be faced with difficult choices. One of the most challenging will be choosing an insurance plan. Exploring your options with can be an excellent way for you to begin.

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About Gap Coverage

2012 Mini Cooper

Perhaps you have heard of this Gap coverage. Many drivers get a standard auto insurance policy to cover the cost of replacement parts or repairs if their vehicle is stolen or damaged, as many states mandate that is purchased. What exactly is Gap coverage? You have come to the right place to learn all about gap coverage and how having it can help you!

What is Gap Coverage?

Gap coverage is used mostly on small vehicles, such as trucks and cars, and heavy trucks. It can be used on new vehicles as well as used ones. Gap coverage covers the difference between what you still owe on your vehicle and the car’s worth. Gap coverage is sometimes referred to as “gap insurance” or “gap protection.” Gap is an appropriate name for this type of coverage not only because it covers a “gap,” but because GAP is an acronym for “Guaranteed Auto Protection,” what people are seeking when they purchase Gap coverage.

Gap Coverage Explained

Say you buy a car for $30,000 that you had taken out a loan for. A month later the car is totaled in a crash, but you still owe $30,000 on your loan. Because a new vehicle’s value quickly drops after purchase, the cash value of this once brand-new vehicle may only be $28,000. Your gap coverage, if you have elected to purchase it, will pay the difference, which would be $2,000 because that is what you get when you subtract the car’s current value, $28,000, from the $30,000 remaining loan balance.

If you are not paying a whole lot of money for your vehicle each month, as it will take you longer to pay the vehicle off that way then making bigger payments, then gap coverage may be a good idea to save you money in the long run if something happens to your vehicle while you are still trying to pay back the loan on it.

Who Gets Gap Coverage

Gap Coverage is designed for people who drive vehicles with a high history or depreciation rates, drivers who drive more than 15,000 miles annually (15,000 miles is what the average person drives), and drivers who lease. Sometimes lease contracts do actually require that one purchases Gap coverage.

One should also consider getting gap coverage if they do not have a lot of cash saved up that would cover the difference between the amount you still owe on your loan and the car’s actual cash value if it is totaled or stolen.

Purchasing the Gap Coverage

Buying from the dealership you get your vehicle from can provide you with a one-time charge that you will get out of the way for the part of the car’s life that it spends with you. You will want to be sure that the coverage you get provides types of loss like accident, theft and natural disaster–again, a dealership is your best bet for this.

The folks at a local car dealer, Patrick MINI in Schaumburg, IL, can provide you with more information on available Gap coverage, especially if you are thinking about purchasing a new or used MINI vehicle in the Chicago area.


What to consider when getting insurance for a new car

2013 BMW X5

When you purchase a new car, it is a legal requirement to have car insurance in place if you want to drive on UK roads, otherwise you risk facing a huge fine and penalty points. But there are several things to consider when getting a new car insurance policy to ensure you get the best deal. Today, Call Wiser explains everything you need to know.

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Be prepared: what you must remember in case of a car accident

While most people will be lucky enough to make it through their entire motoring lives without being in a car accident, it is still important for drivers to be prepared should the worst happen and a crash occurs. If you’re in a crash and there is even a hint that you could be held responsible, the first thing to do is seek legal advice from a reputable firm such as GC Traffic Lawyers. This will ensure you and your family are protected from any long-term financial burdens that could result from the accident.

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10 Ways of Getting Cheap Auto Insurance Rates


Regardless of financial position nobody likes to spend more money than they should. While we are counting pennies on one hand we may be burning down $100 bills on the other. Spending your money wisely is another way of increasing your living standards. You need to look at your household spending closely. First area to look at is the type of expenditures that keeps repeating like utilities, mortgage and vehicle insurance.
Here are some of the ways to bring your automobile insurance premiums down.

Buy Safer Cars: Auto insurers closely monitor the safety features on cars that reduce accidents and injuries. This means that they pay less for claims. As the risks of injuries and accidents go down so the premiums. Before you buy a car, shortlist several of them and check their insurance ratings. There is a high chance you can still purchase the type of car you want and get premium discounts for years to come.

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