Ford sales plunge with chip shortages

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat

Ford announced that the company missed expectations and that sales plunged due to chip shortages. F-150 sales were part of the decline.

This is affecting the entire industry and spurring a rush to buy used cars.


Tips on Trading in Your Vehicle for a New One


Are you eyeing a new vehicle in a dealership’s inventory? Have you thought about trading in your current vehicle for a new one? Never done it before, or has it just been a while since you have done it? Here is the vehicle-trading in process and some tips to make the process go as smooth as possible for you!

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About Vehicle History Reports

2013 BMW X5

A vehicle history report contains information about a vehicle’s past. This is available only for used vehicles that have built up a history on the road. A dealer will often get this report for any used vehicle–such as a modern-day car, classic car, heavy truck, light truck, RV or motorcycle–on its lot to show to a customer.

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Total cost of owning a car


The total cost of owning a car can be determined by several different factors. While the price you pay for the car is certainly a large factor, it’s not the only cost that needs to be considered. You must also consider how much it costs to maintain, insure and fuel the car.

Why Factoring These Other Costs Is Important

Why do these other costs matter when you’re determining the total cost of owning a car? Let’s say that you spent $1,000 putting new brakes on a car that you paid $500 for. With that additional cost, you have now effectively paid $1,500 to provide yourself with a vehicle. If you pay $500 a year over five years to insure the car, that will add up to an additional $2,500 to keep your car on the road. If you spend $100 a month on gas for your car, you will end up spending an extra $1,200 per year.

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Buyer Beware: 5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

2009 Saturn Sky X09ST_SK009

Buying a used car can be very exciting and a good way to save money. As exciting as it is to buy and drive a car that you really want, it can also be very expensive if you purchase a mechanically inferior car, spend more than you can afford or do not account for necessary expenses, such as insurance, registration, maintenance and other costs that come with running a car. Read on to discover the five things that should be foremost in your mind before buying your new car.

1. Know your budgetary limits

First, you need to work out how much you can spend. As well as the purchase price of the car, ongoing costs including registration, insurance and mechanical maintenance should be factored in. To purchase a vehicle, many buyers need finance in the form of a car loan and it’s important to shop around get the best rate and loan conditions possible. It can be worthwhile and very reassuring to seek professional advice regarding loan options; try consulting specialists in car loans and finance such as Dreamloans

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