New Nissan Rogue enters growing compact CUV market

2014 Nissan Rogue

The compact CUV segment has been on fire as it has grown 60% since model year 2009. It’s projected to increase an additional 6.5% in the next year. The segment is very competitive and the OEMs are introducing updated models with more and more features. Nissan redesigned 2014 Rogue is an example as it sports a number of new interior and exterior features (see this review).

Consumers can now get more features and luxury in this space, but that means prices are creeping up. The new Rogue will range from around $22,000 up to over $32,000 for a loaded up vehicle. According to Nissan executives, that’s leaving an opening in the $20 – $22,000 range and they aim to address it by continuing production of the 2013 Rogue as a 2014 “Rogue Select” which starts at just under $20,000. It will be fascinating to see how this strategy works. Nissan has seen a nice sales spike this year with the Rogue after the company reduced prices.