3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Auto Repair Shop


Unless you were the type who sought out old cars to work on when you are younger, chances are high that the most advanced thing you know about taking care of a vehicle is how to pump the gas and maybe check the oil. When you don’t have the tools and expertise to work on an automobile yourself – which a large majority of people don’t – you need to turn to mechanics at an auto repair shop. If you’re worried about scams or other trouble with mechanics, here are three simple tips to help you find the perfect repair shop.

1. Start Your Search Before There’s a Problem

Don’t wait until there’s black smoke pouring out of your exhaust or your car won’t start in spite of a new battery. You should have a good idea of who the reputable mechanics in your area are before you run into car troubles. You can start with a phone book or simply look online. If you wait until you have vehicle troubles to look for a mechanic, you might be limited on your choices.

2. Ask the Mechanic Questions

You should feel some comfort with your mechanic to a certain degree. Have him or her explain to you what the trouble is with your vehicle. Ask about how the shop usually charges customers. You can even ask to see licenses and certificates as to the education and training of the mechanics in the shop to work on certain types of vehicles. For example, if you own a domestic vehicle, you’ll want a shop that is well-versed in these types of automobiles. Foreign automobiles might be best services by a foreign vehicle mechanic.

3. Research What Others Say About Your Shop of Choice

If you start your search well in advance, you should be able to look up your repair shop of choice online and see what other customers have said. You’ll need to carefully consider the positive and negative reviews. Try to only pay attention to reviews with substance and details – be wary of vague positive and negative reviews alike.

Use these three tips to find an ideal auto repair mechanic in your area – after all, it could be the beginning of a long mechanical relationship. Start long before your car has any troubles, and you’ll thank yourself later.