The Hellcat Pack Introduces The Charger Hellcat

Much like the Challenger model of the Hellcat, many of the guts and glory that are in the Challenger, are also found in the new Charger model. What does the introduction of this powerful sedan mean for the Dodge subsidiary brand?

Simply one thing, it means that Dodge now owns the bragging rights for the most powerful sedan in the North American market. Want to know what it takes to make that claim? The answer is 707 horsepower revving out of a 6.2 liter supercharged V8. This is surely not made for those looking for their first family vehicle.

What makes this sedan so magnificent isn’t what it says it is capable of on paper, but how it performs. The best part of this bad kitty, is the fact it can reach top speeds of 204 mph, and best of all the ability of going 0-100-0 in less than 13 seconds. Sheer speed, and even better stopping power. That is a combination that many muscle cars out there lack.

Even though the Charger may share some of the same components as his brother, the Challenger, the Charger is a more compact and in some ways more powerful breed of cat. It truly is a Hellcat literally and figuratively speaking.

Source: Arrigo Fort Pierce

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