Buick’s average buyer getting younger

Buick has a long way to go before they will bring in the 30 something crowd. Buick is happy that their average buyer has dropped to 61 yrs of age and that is questionable math. They will never get the Pontiac buyers in the door! They rushed to kill Pontiac which was well positioned to capture the 20 and 30 something generation but instead invested heavily in a brand most car buyers won’t even shop in the U.S.??? Another gift to Ford, Nissan, Mazda and Dodge from the General.

From theTruthAboutCars.com:

Now, 48 is still technically in the fat part of the US population pyramid, and far be it from me to question the youthfulness of folks who reach this age… but the two major premises in the LAT’s headline simply aren’t that true. For one thing, JD Power weighs in on the Buick-buyer-age controversy, telling the LAT that the average three years ago was 64, and that it has since fallen to 61. That contrasts with IIHS’ recent average Buick-buyer age of 65, up from a claimed average of 63 a year ago. Moreover, as the graph after the jump proves, Buick’s sales “surge” is barely perceptible in any context wider than the first quarter of this year.

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Buick shows star power in China

The Beijing auto show is opening and guess who is making a statement there? It’s Buick and if anyone ever wondered why GM kept Buick this show is one of the main reasons. Buick is still on fire in China and it shows no signs of relenting.

From the Detroit News:

Beijing — In China, Buick has a cachet that might surprise many Americans.

The brand struggles with image problems at home, but Buick has been crucial to General Motors Co.’s success in China.

In this market — the world’s largest — Buick attracts the kind of young, wealthy customers that GM dreams of capturing in the United States.

“The average Buick customer is 28 years old, university educated, fast-tracked in his company, with a wife who has a career,” said GM China President Kevin Wale.

Buick is one of GM China’s strongest brands, with sales up 53 percent this year. The automaker is showcasing three Buick models at China’s premier auto show here that feature some of the latest European and American technology: the Excelle XT hatchback, and new Regal and LaCrosse sedans.

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Buick going after younger crowd with Riviera

At one point left for the over 60 crowd, Buick is serious about getting back in the game with the 30 and 40 crowd. This Riviera concept from 2007 could become a reality in some form of the Regal. Keep it coming big ol’ Buick!

From AutoGuide.com:

Back in 2007 Buick showed the stunning Riviera Concept and now it appears just such a vehicle isn’t as far fetched an idea as might previously have been though. In an interview with Automotive News, Buick and Chevy design director John Cafaro said that his role at Buick involved, “being a zealot for getting Buick more youthful, more spirited and probing ideas for coupes, more expressive vehicles.”

Again, back in 2007, the Riviera sounded nice (and looked spectacular) but Buick wasn’t really an innovator. Quite the opposite really. But with the launch of the LaCrosse and now the return of the Regal, we’re starting to see more interesting things from the conservative brand. Heck, it would appear as though the high-output Regal Show car will actually see production as the Regal GS. And the Regal isn’t the extend on Buick’s down-sizing either with a new smaller in the works, while a smaller Enclave model is also being talked about.

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The Buick Regal is back for 2011

From our friend at TheBachelorGuy.com:

In my New York neighborhood back in the 80’s, when you were done with kid stuff and ready to get rid of your Camaro or Firebird, you graduated to either a Monte Carlo, or, if you really wanted to let go, a Buick Regal. (Although, if you still couldn’t give up the muscle car power, and you had the coin, you got the famed Regal Grand National.)

That was before the beloved car started sharing bodies and powertrains with the perennial senior citizen-magnet, the Buick Century. (I’m wondering if that’s why a lot of senior communities in Florida are called Century Village…) The car was mercifully put out of its misery in 2004.

But now it’s back… completely resurrected and redesigned as a true euro-inspired sports sedan.

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