The 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 looks like a winner!

The 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 is one tough looking ride and when you go under the hood the SRT8 backs it up! The 465-horsepower 6.4-liter Hemi V8 screams speed and the exterior packaging will make some aftermarket pro’s shake in their boots.

CHICAGO — The 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 debuted at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show, signaling a renewal of Dodge as a high-performance brand. The Charger SRT8 went on hiatus for the 2011 model year, after Chrysler sold just 688 Charger SRT8s in 2010.

The 2012 Charger SRT8 gets some major revisions versus the 2010 model, most notably under the hood. The 2012 model gets a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 that churns out an estimated 465 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. Dodge said specific horsepower, torque and fuel economy numbers will be announced closer to introduction in the fall. Pricing has not been announced.

The Charger SRT8 will also get standard paddle shifters and a five-speed automatic transmission. It has an estimated top speed of 175 mph and an estimated 0-60-mph time in the “high 4-second range,” said Dodge.

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