Chinese automaker to open headquarters in L.A.

Here comes Warren Buffet and his Chinese BYD to sunny L.A.! Mr. Buffett and his investment in BYD autos which manufacture electric and hybrid vehicles have chosen Los Angeles as their North American Headquarters mainly because of the green policies already in place and with more to come. What will the N.A. auto industry look like in 10 years is anyone’s guess!


NEW YORK ( — Chinese automaker BYD said Friday it has chosen sunny Los Angeles as the site of its North American headquarters.

BYD, a manufacturer of electric and hybrid vehicles backed by investor Warren Buffett, said it was lured by L.A.’s green energy policies, such as incentives for zero emission vehicles and solar roofs.

“California’s market-friendly energy and environmental policies are playing a vital role not only in making California more energy secure but also in bringing companies like BYD to our state,” said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday during an announcement at L.A.’s City Hall.

Read the full article here.


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