2011 Infiniti M37/M56 – First Drive

I’ve seen ads for the 2011 Infiniti M37 and M56 all over the place and have been wondering if this car is as good as it looks. And I must say it looks great! Until we get one of the machines for a test drive we looked over to our friends at MSN Autos to see what their thoughts were and they really liked it. This 2011 Infiniti could be a real player in the luxury sedan segment!

From Autos.MSN.com:

Trendy midsize luxury performance sedans don’t have the option of growing old in their demanding market; there’s simply too much competition. That is why Infiniti is releasing an all-new series of M sedans. On sale in March 2010, the 2011 M37 and M56 pack more power, better fuel economy and a new 7-speed transmission in a chassis more rigid than ever before. Toss in a host of new electronic bells and whistles and statement-making styling changes, and you get an elegant yet sporty package that is designed to satisfy.

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Guess The Brand

One of the more stylish and funky cars I’ve seen in awhile. Hard to believe it’s a Citroen but that’s the truth! This Metropolis Concept was designed in Shanghai and will be a real head turner when it hits the Chinese market.

From theTruthAboutCars.com:

That’s right, it’s a Citroen. Inspired by the success of German brands in China’s luxury segment (and possibly problems with its taller offerings), this Metropolis Concept was designed in Shanghai as a vision for a French entry in that burgeoning market segment. It also seems more than a little inspired by Jaguar’s stunning new XJ, just as its sister brand’s recent Five By Peugeot Concept seemed to take some cues from Jaguar’s XF. Could Ian Callum be in danger of being wooed away by the French?


What’s the name of your Ford?

Ford recently collected nearly 700 names of drivers’ Fords and posted some of their favorites for Facebook readers to vote on.

Check out the list:

Which Ford name is your favorite?

option 1:A Flex named Felix
option 2:An ’05 Mustang named Onmitron that saved a life
option 3:’09 Fusion named “Gladys My Car” (say it out loud)
option 4:’65 Ford F100 named Jezebel
option 5:A classy Red Flex named \”Miss Scarlet\” for her manners
option 6:2006 Crown Vic named Moby Vic
option 7:’57 Ford 300 named The Precious like in Lord of the Rings
option 8:2010 blue F-150 Raptor named \”Cookie Monster\”
option 9:A Red Ranger named Robert Red-Ford

Check out some of the other names drivers gave for their Ford and vote for your favorite at Facebook.com!

Photo from fOTOGLIF


Touting $2B profit, Ford drives home its status as automaker that didn’t fail

Ford posts $2B profit for first quarter 2010 then jacks up production! Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come in the NA auto industry. Ford is launching the all new Fiesta this year with the redesigned Focus coming in early 2011 so this might be the beginning of a healthy run as both new vehicles have potential to be big sellers!

From the Detroit Free Press:

America’s renewed enthusiasm for Ford continues unabated, as reflected in today’s eye-popping numbers from the Dearborn automaker’s first-quarter report.

While an improving U.S. economy pushed up the pace of overall car and truck sales by 14% in early 2010, Ford’s deliveries in North America zoomed 56% — up to 547,000 vehicles from 350,000 in the first three months of 2009.

The bottom-line result: a $2-billion pretax profit, reversing a loss of the same size a year ago.

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Fiat designs should surprise

If quality and price are equal, what will be the deciding factor in an auto purchase? Fiat/Chrysler hopes you said “design” because look for their new cars to have plenty of “flair”. This is a smart move and it takes advantage of Fiats tools in their toolbox with top designers in house from all of those stylish brands at their disposal. If Fiat pulls this off look for marketing and design to lead them through this lull of new product and excitement.

From the Detroit Free Press:

TURIN, Italy — The world is still waiting to see what kind of auto design emerges from the alliance of Italy’s Fiat and U.S. Chrysler. One thing is clear: There’s a lot of Italian flair to draw on, in the person of Fiat’s design chief Lorenzo Ramaciotti.

Ramaciotti helped design everything from the high-end Ferrari Enzo to the economical Peugeot 407 during his career at independent styling house Pininfarina. Expect some surprises ahead.

“Italian design can’t be repetitive. It must be a design that is a little surprising, with something innovative from one model to the next,” said Ramaciotti during an interview in his modest office at Fiat’s Centro Stile, decorated with logos of the six Fiat brands whose style he commands.

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