Chevy considering four door Vette

Hold on to your seats on this one. Chevy is considering a 4 door Corvette! I hope and pray this never happens because they will ruin this car. This does not compare to the Porsche Panamera mainly because Chevy has plenty of 4 door vehicles and Porsche is Porsche.


Back in 1980, General Motors toyed with the idea of producing a 4-door Corvette America. A prototype was built but the project was later dropped. As absurd as the concept sounds, GM now appears to be revisiting the idea and with Porsche seeing great success with its Panamera, the 4-door Vette might very well see reality three decades later.

According to a report by Wards Automotive, news of the rebirth of the Corvette America comes from none other than soon-to-retire GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, although its not clear that a 4-door Vette would actually wear the Corvette name. In fact, we’d think such a model would make more sense as a Cadillac, although considering the CTS-V, there might not be enough to differentiate the two.

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Photo from fOTOGLIF


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