Toyota on the hot seat

Akio Toyoda delivered another apology to people hurt by Toyota’s in sudden acceleration accidents. His lieutenant provided most of the other information revealed so far by the committee.

After the cameras chased Akio Toyoda from the room, it was Fe Lastrella’s turn.

A schoolteacher and real estate agent from Vallejo, Calif., Lastrella tearfully told the committee about her grief over the Lexus crash in Santee, Calif., that killed her daughter Cleofe Saylor, son Chris Lastrella and granddaughter Mahala Saylor.

“They were taken prematurely from us,” she said.

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Toyota President says recall is mechanical, not electric

Is it mechanical or electrical? Depends on who you talk to and what you want to hear. This is one big mess for Toyota.


In a prepared statement before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Toyota President Jim Lentz reiterated Toyota’s continued stand that the issue with its many recalled Toyota models is mechanical and not electronic. Lentz commented that Toyota hired Exponent, a top engineering and scientific consulting firm, to examine its electronic throttle system to see if there were any issues. Toyota gave Exponent an unlimited budget and no electronic problem was found.

Lentz also said that it is repairing recalled vehicles at 50,000 a day and has so far fixed one million vehicles.

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