Orange County District Attorney to Sue Toyota

More bad news for Toyota!


The Orange County, California, District Attorney has announced plans to file a civil lawsuit against Toyota. The suit is over safety concerns with Toyota vehicles, and comes as Toyota has recalled over eight million vehicles worldwide due to several different safety issues. The suit aims to stop Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. from “continuing to endanger the public through the sale of defective vehicles and deceptive business practices.”

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Toyota sales to rise 30%?

Will consumers stick with the problematic Toyota? According to this report Toyota sales for March are forecasted to rise 30% compared to March 2009. Looks like the heavy incentives are doing the trick for now but time will tell how much damage Toyota will suffer from this mess.

From Automotive

DETROIT — New incentives are boosting Toyota’s U.S. sales big time in early March, and analysts forecast a 30 percent bounce for the full month.

After Toyota brand sales fell 10 percent in February as it struggled with safety recalls, on March 1 Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. introduced 0 percent financing, subsidized leases and free maintenance incentives.

Toyota Senior Vice President Don Esmond told suppliers today that North American sales surged about 50 percent in the first eight days this month, The Associated Press reported.

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Photo from fOTOGLIF rips Toyota

How bad are things at Toyota? Who do you believe in this big mess? The writes a scathing review of the recent problems and clearly doesn’t like what he sees. That’s being nice but read it for yourself.

I really wasn’t going to write about Toyota again this week, figuring that I had said all that needed to be said last week about the situation (click on “Next Entry” at the bottom of the page to read last week’s column – ed.), but then again it’s obvious that the story of Toyota’s quality implosion and subsequent image freefall isn’t going away anytime soon.

Not when the vaunted Prius – the sainted darling of the Green intelligentsia – has now joined Toyota’s never-ending recall list. You could almost hear the Prius acolytes in California and across the country going face down in their bowls of edamame with the news that their glorious, supposedly guilt-free machines actually weren’t infallible after all. Oh, the horror.

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Toyota expands brake investigation

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the hits keep on coming for Toyota. This will show the world what this company is made of and so far it doesn’t look so good.


Toyota has now expanded its internal investigation over braking issues to cover all hybrid models says a report by the Wall Street Journal. Toyota has already admitted that there was a braking problem with its 2010 Prius model, and according to Japan’s Nikkei News, Toyota is preparing to issue a recall for 270,000 Prius models from the 2010 model year.

Toyota has admitted it knew of a problem that caused a brief loss of braking during the transition from the car’s regenerative braking to its traditional friction braking. Toyota refers to this as “slight unresponsiveness” and says it usually lasts less than a second. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as well as Japanese authorities have registered over 100 complaints about the car’s brake system, where owners say they experienced a brief loss of braking capability when traveling over bumpy or icy roads. Toyota has said the issue has been solved on all models produced since late January but no recall has been ordered for models built before that time.

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