Delphi Selects TeleNav for Its Next Gen Navigation Systems

Turn-by-turn navigation for cars has been a boon for those among us who can barely find our way around the block, but as competition between in-dash units and smaller, portable units heat up, many automaker suppliers are revolutionizing their navigation offerings to keep a leg up on the competition, and help get consumers where they want to go, faster and easier. Delphi, for instance, has teamed up with TeleNav to provide navigation solutions that will work with cars’ newer infotainment systems.

The traditional problem with in-dash navigation systems is that they don’t age well. You buy a car and the navigation is perfect, but as time marches on, other systems get more features, better layouts, and, most importantly, more accurate route information. So by the time your car is five years old, the navigation system becomes a hinderance rather than a help. TeleNav looks to change that.

Telenav’ s new system will bring new features and usability to your car that will work seamlessly and easily. Some new features include:

Global Maps and Places: Search, localized maps, and POIs for more than 60 countries around the world.

Live Traffic: Save time with live traffic updates that automatically reroute you around traffic jams or road congestion.

Local Weather: Get real-time weather and forecasts for your current location

3D Landmarks: 3D buildings and historic landmarks make it easier to navigate

Voice Control: Stay safe and keep your hands on the wheel with voice-activated commands

Junction View: A navigation view that makes complex lane changes simple and easy

TeleNav and Delphi look to have these systems in OEM offerings by 2012. It won’t be too long then until the next generation of navigation technology.


Ford partners with TeleNav to provide global positioning services

MyFord Touch with TeleNav.

Ford announced last week that it would be partnering with TeleNav to provide global navigation services in MyFord Touch equipped vehicles.

From the press release:

“With TeleNav’s worldwide routing and navigation experience, Ford now can offer high quality connected services to drivers in a number of countries,” said HP Jin, president, CEO and co-founder of TeleNav. “The availability of MyFord Touch outside of North America is further evidence of TeleNav’s growing presence in the auto industry.”

MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch will allow customers to interact with the navigation system through a touch screen interface or SYNC’s voice recognition capabilities to find local information and navigate to their destinations. The system includes an 8-inch touch screen in the center stack and dual 4.2-inch screens in the instrument cluster to showcase full color maps and guidance information. TeleNav’s SD card-based navigation system provides an easily updateable option compared to CD, DVD or hard-drive-based systems. TeleNav’s global navigation solution includes regional and local information such as languages, guidance and maps.

The best part of that is “easily updateable.” One of GPS’ biggest drawbacks is how quickly it can get outdated. With road construction happening every day, frustration at making a wrong turn somewhere is almost inevitable. Any GPS system that’s easy to update is a GPS system I want.


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