Lamborghini to follow lead of Porsche?

Is Lamborghini going to follow the lead of Porsche and produce a 4 door sedan coupe? Check out the Estoque Concept and let us know your thoughts. Will the brand image of Lamborghini and a sleek roof line bring in the buyers and possibly change the game for super powered 4 door sedan coupes? Can’t wait to see a head to head between the Estoque and Panamera!


With Porsche and Aston Martin making headway with their Panamera and Rapide four-door coupes, Lamborghini is apparently open to the idea of a four door sedan coupe similar to their Estoque concept car.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann is reported as saying to journalists that “a third model would fit Lamborghini very well”, and “a four-door car would be a very feasible approach.” But with the Estoque originally shelved in 2009 and sales down 18 percent versus last year.

The Estoque would need to give Lamborghini “a real leap” in sales for the company to justify the investment. While the four door coupe segment is currently on fire, there’s no telling whether the sector will continue to be hot, and a poorly timed introduction could spell doom for Lamborghini.

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