Seinfeld, the Soup Nazi and Leno in new Acura NSX Super Bowl commercial

This one has its funny moments, though some of the Jerry Seinfeld jokes fall flat. The Soup Nazi appearance was cool and Jay Leno is funny at the end. The Acura NSX looks incredible!


Chrysler snags Eminem for the Chrysler 200 Super Bowl commercial

Chrysler hit a home run with a two-minute commercial during the Super Bowl featuring Eminem and scenes from Detroit.


Audi Superbowl Super Commercial

Looks like a “Super” commercial from Audi on Super Bowl Sunday!

From Auto

Audi has just unveiled the complete version of its 2010 SuperBowl ad featuring the A3 TDI. The gist of the commercial is that the Green Police are out arresting regular folks doing regular things that are bad for the environment, like throwing out compost, using plastic bags for groceries or using incandescent light bulbs.

At a traffic stop to look for environmental offenders, the Green Police see an A3 TDI and let the driver go, while everyone else is stuck in traffic.

Read the full article here and for video of the commercial, see below.


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