ACB: Targa Newfoundland

Public roads, blinding speeds, and drivers towing the line between courage and stupid were the hallmarks of vintage racing. But with the advent of governing bodies and modern racetracks, those days are long gone. Almost.

Today, Speed was kind enough to stream their coverage of the Targa Newfoundland online. A real throwback of racing action but with thoroughly modern machinery. So check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


“The Car Show” Review

Quick, what’s the newest car show with male hosts and car related stunts? If you answered Top Gear USA, you are wrong. The real answer is the imaginatively titled The Car Show on the Speed Channel every Wednesday at 10/9c. The formula is familiar: male hosts, studio audience, car themed stage, and car stunts. But was it any good? I found out firsthand last night after tuning in for the debut.

The series premier consisted of a cheap car race challenge, a game show segment with an audience member, an obligatory NASCAR interview with Jimmie Johnson, a current news segment, a Porsche GT3 RS speed run, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost test at Pebble Beach. The segments were fairly decent with merely “ok” cinematography and presentation. Playful banter and jokes between hosts were above average, and cars were criticized pretty hard if they warranted it. However, because there were so many segments, each one felt rushed and incomplete in order to squeeze in the others. The Rolls Royce test and the cheap car race challenge in particular had you wishing that they dedicated more time for them instead of a dull interview with Mr. Beige himself, Jimmie Johnson.

Adam Carolla definitely carried this first episode. His sarcastic remarks and deprecating remarks towards the hosts, himself, and the show lifted the entertainment value well ahead of Top Gear USA. However, Matt Farah (of and Dan Neil (Wall Street Journal Car Critic) both had their moments as well. And that brings me to the biggest problem of The Car Show: John Salley.

A former NBA star, fourth host Salley seemed like he was on his way to another show and wandered into a The Car Show taping. The man has no knowledge of cars whatsoever or endearing personality traits. First, on discussion of the new Porsche Supercar, he made the comment that it was “just a Porsche.” Weird, but maybe he is so rich he buys a Porsche every day for his dogs to eat out of. However, that hypothesis was quashed with this comment during a Toyota conversation:

“Toyota makes a good car. I drive a Corolla.”

So not only does he knock Porsche, but he holds up a Toyota Corolla as a great car; on a car enthusiast’s program. Knocking Porsche is fine, but purchasing a Toyota Corolla is THE cardinal sin in the religion of cardom. John Salley’s opinions are now null and void if he drives the most boring and beige car imaginable.

Other than Mr. Salley’s complete lack of car knowledge and screen presence, The Car Show shows a lot of promise. As the season progresses, the hosts’ chemistry will improve and Adam Carolla will get even funnier as well. If they find a way to focus more on less segments, this show could be better than Top Gear USA. We will see what Top Gear USA has to offer soon since they debut on Sunday at 10/9c on History. But seriously, above all else, get rid of John Salley. Three’s a party, but adding a fourth member who drives a Toyota Corolla is an incredibly boring crowd.

To see what time The Car Show televises in your area, check your local listings, or The Car Show’s website.


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