Hyundai shows off the 2011 Sonata at LA Auto Show

We all know that Hyundai has been on a tear with quality products priced to sell. Now the 2011 Sonata that was shown at the LA Auto Show could accelerate their climb up the sales charts. What are your thoughts from what you’ll read and see in the gallery from the link below?

From Car and

Think what you will about the ever-expanding “four-door coupe” theme—now applied to everything from luxury SUVs to mainstream sedans—but you just can’t help but be seized by the design of the new 2011 Hyundai Sonata debuting at the L.A. auto show. (Even if there appears to be plenty of Volkswagen CC and even a bit of Toyota Camry Solara to its looks.) Styled in the company’s California studio, the Sonata is strikingly swoopy and all creased up with Hyundai’s new design language called “Fluidic Sculpture,” which we’re told we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future.

Read the entire article and check out the gallery here.


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