Chrysler bucking the trend in sales

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: The Chrysler logo is seen on the outside of a dealership in Manhattan on April 30, 2009 in New York City.  U.S. carmaker Chrysler today announced it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has formed a deal  to combine the company with Fiat.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Despite sales drops for most major automakers, Chrysler bucks the trend by posting a year over year increase for August of 7%. Jeep posted big numbers with the Patriot jumping 57% and the Liberty climbing 56%. The most glaring number was the Dodge Challenger muscle car shooting up a whopping 190%. For most companies it would be a solid month but for the rebuilding Fiat/Chrysler it bodes exceptionally well for their prospects once the new models hit showrooms in 2011.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Chrysler defied the industry trend with a 7% increase in new vehicle sales in August from a year earlier when Cash for Clunkers inflated most of its competitors’ sales.

Once again, the Jeep brand led the way with a 17% year-over-year jump, helped by a 57% sales improvement for the Patriot and 56% increase for the Liberty.

But Chrysler’s year-over-year comparison benefited from the fact that it did not capitalize on last summer’s Cash for Clunker incentives because it had very little inventory of its smaller models.

“We will continue to build in this momentum as we begin production on a stream of new product through the end of this year,” said Fred Diaz, Chrysler lead executive for U.S. sales.

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SC90 concept shows Volvo has come a long way

Looks like the light bulb turned on for somebody at Volvo because this SC90 concept is hot! Volvo has come a long way but their cars are still pretty boring. Volvo should fast track this beauty and get it in showrooms ASAP.


As a whole, Volvo vehicles have come a long way from their ultra-boxy, stackable roots. Do a quick comparison of Volvo’s current line vs. its line from 25 years ago, and you’ll see just how much style Volvo has injected.

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Will the new 2011 Ford Explorer be able to carry the torch?

There are a lot of questions about the upcoming all new car based Explorer mostly because it has been kept a top secret for so long now. Will the Explorer and Flex be able to co-exist? Chief engineer Jim Holland is confident the new product will silence critics when it hits showrooms later this year. The anticipation grows and if the Explorer turns out to be a home run what does that do to Flex sales which are mediocre at best?

From Detroit Free Press:

Jim Holland, chief engineer for the redesigned Ford Explorer, which is expected to come to dealerships late this year, has faced naysayers before.

Holland, 49, was chief engineer of the Range Rover when a redesign of that SUV was launched in 2002.

“We got a lot of the same questions that I am getting today,” Holland said.

Mainly, those questions center on whether the new Explorer can maintain its ruggedness and towing capacity as it shifts from a body-on-frame truck to a car-based crossover. Ford still plans to market the Explorer as an SUV.

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