I can’t sell my car! Three alternative methods for flogging your motor

2009 Chevy Cobalt

Selling a car can be an arduous and stressful process at the best of times.

Sellers need to take the time to make sure their car is in its best working order, create and place advertisements, arrange test-drives, meet potential buyers, haggle over the price as well as ensuring the payment goes through. It’s enough to drive even the calmest of motorists round the bend.

That’s assuming that they’ve got an attractive, desirable working car. It’s much harder to flog your motor if it’s really old and has been poorly taken care of. In fact, finding a buyer for these sort of vehicles can sometimes be nigh-on impossible.

Thankfully, there are now other a few useful alternative methods when it comes to make a fair amount of cash for your car.


There are number of online businesses who will offer a price for absolutely any car on the market. There are a few terms and conditions with regards to this claim but most working cars can be sold within minutes through these companies, saving buyers hours worth of time and effort.

Selling your car the traditional way can take weeks or even months. Now, with the development of these websites, it has never been quicker or easier to sell a vehicle. Most of these businesses will even pick up the car from your driveway themselves.

There is not any haggling involved with these companies. They offer you a price which you can either take or leave, but even if buyers feel they might get a few more pounds by advertising the car, many will gladly sacrifice this for the convenience of selling online.

There are plenty of these “sell my car” websites available to choose from, so feel free to surf around the web looking for the best offer. Make sure you have all your motor’s vital statistics to hand though as these will be required in order to obtain a quote.


As the cost of motoring goes up, more and more youngsters are being priced off the road. Others are lucky enough to have their parents gift them their first car. If you’re unable to get too much cash for an old banger, why not save it for your children to learn to drive in?
Teenagers need an old car so that they can get affordable insurance. It’s also not too much of a loss if do get one or two beginner’s prangs. If you’re only going to get a couple of hundred pounds, you’re not really losing out. Everyone loves their first car no matter how bad it is. Its material value will be through their roof.


This really is a last resort. If your car is so worn down that even your kids won’t take it, there are still plenty of scrap dealers who will take if off your hands for a bit of cash.

So don’t get too disheartened if your find selling your car the traditional way is a drag. You can still get a bit of cash in your pocket using these three alternatives.

Written by Sell Car UK (www.sellcar-uk.com). We provide an alternative disposal channel for companies and people for whatever car you have. Whatever car you have, the chances are we will buy it.


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