Camaro vs. Mustang – the battle is on

The awesome battle between the Mustang and Camaro is in full swing and has not been this competitive for a long, long time. In 2009 the Stang’ outsold the Camaro and this year in 2010 the Camaro has the lead. But wait, hold on there Camaro fans as Ford has launched the 2011 Mustang with new and improved engines and in May the Mustang came out on top.

We’ll stay on this testosterone fueled race to the finish line in 2010. Also, Once the convertible Camaro is unleashed in the coming years this will only get better!

From the Detroit Free Press:

It’s Camaro versus Mustang, and the fight is on like Beatles versus Stones.

But unlike the tired brouhahas the baby boom insists on revisiting — do we really need to debate Vietnam, women’s rights or the Voting Rights Act ever again? — the pony car battle is as relevant as last month’s sales report and Ford and GM’s next quarterly earnings. Thoroughly modern versions of the two ’60s icons are selling fast and fueling optimism at the automakers.

It might as well be the summer of love again. The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have fired the imaginations of drivers, and car buffs are partying like it’s 1968.

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