Toyota will recall a whopping 3.8 million vehicles due to loose floormat safety issues!

Toyota Prius ext_image11

This news from Reuters is not good.

Toyota Motor Corp said on Tuesday it will recall some 3.8 million vehicles in the United States because of the risk that a loose floormat could force down the accelerator, a problem suspected of causing crashes that have killed five people.

The recall would be the largest ever for Toyota, the top global automaker that has built a reputation in the U.S. market for safety and the latest in a string of much smaller recalls in the past year.

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Toyota and U.S. safety regulators warned owners to remove all driver-side floor mats from eight Toyota and Lexus models manufactured in the last six years — including the Prius hybrid — as an immediate safety precaution.

Please pass this news on to anyone who drives a Toyota or a Lexus in the United States so they can check if they are subject to this recall.


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