Comparison Articles from Car & Driver

Here’s a great comparison article of three hot sports/luxury/incredible and beautiful cars! Car and Driver hit it on the head by claiming: The startling new Porsche sedan goes toe-to-toe with a glamorous Italian and a businesslike German.

From Car and Driver:

Exhibit A: The German sports-car maker’s bestselling vehicle since 2003 has been a sport-utility vehicle, the Cayenne. Exhibit B: The car before you, the company’s first production sedan, is a further hyperextension of the Porsche lineup. Exhibit C: The attempt by Porsche to take over Volkswagen resulted in a perfect reversal of fortunes: Volkswagen took over Porsche. At which point, Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking was hurried off the premises, replaced by his right-hand man, Michael Macht.

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