2010 Porsche Boxster gets solid review

Another strong review of a car everyone already loves! Will the strong reviews continue with the all new sports sedan Panamera next year? We think so!

From the Detroit News:

nullChristmas came early this year: Porsche agreed to let me test drive the 2010 Boxster S.

Who am I to question Porsche? Does anyone ever question them?

Well, with the Boxster, many people have. It’s one of the vehicles in Porsche’s lineup that some have derided for not possessing Porsche’s soul. Silly purests. For most people, if it says Porsche on the hood, it’s a Porsche. Do you really need a 911 for twice the price? The Boxster does the job quite well and carries just as much weight as any other Porsche for 99 percent of the population out there.

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