Payday Advance Keeps Your Bank Account Afloat

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had total control over our money? Even with a steady job and a manageable household budget, there are times when the uncontrollable pops up and all our planning goes out the window. It could be a flat tire, or a trip to the ER, thanks to a skateboarding tumble. Whatever the cause, a payday advance can provide instant comfort and prevent you from drowning in bank overdraft fees.

Payday advances aren’t for the big purchases like a car or house but for those little items when you need a “bridge” between paychecks. With an unexpected expense comes the potential for over extending your checking account. If you’re hit with overdraft fees, you’ll be playing a game of catch up, which can end up costing you even more fees. Activating a payday advance can become your own financial firewall between those fees.

To qualify for a payday advance, you need proof of employment and a checking or savings account. The minimal amount you need to be earning is, typically, $1000 per month. Once you establish your account and your application has been approved, you can request funds that will show up directly deposited into your account by the next day.

As the name implies, a payday advance means you’ll be paying back the amount you borrow with your next paycheck. Generally, these aren’t long term loans that you pay back over time, but you can always opt to pay back the loan in easy installments. Payday advance loans come with the same kind of fees that’s going to happen with any loan. You should be aware of these factors before applying for a payday advance. Don’t get caught over your head with unwanted expenses. Let a payday advance keep you afloat.


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