Nissan sales jump 31.6 percent in February

Nissan finished out February with an increase of 31.6 percent in sales which equates to 9.3 percent market share in the U.S. That is Nissan’s highest market share ever and it appears Nissan is gaining when the market seems to be recovering.


Nissan North America said it reached the highest U.S. market share level in company history during February.

The automaker discovered its U.S. market penetration climbed to 9.3 percent last month. The new record comes after Nissan says it gained 0.4 percentage points throughout 2010 to vault it to one of the three fastest-growing OEMs in the U.S.

Last month, the company determined it sold 92,370 vehicles versus 70,189 units a year earlier, an increase of 31.6 percent. Sales at its Nissan division spiked 31.8 percent for the month and also set a new February record. Meanwhile, officials determined sales of Infiniti vehicles rose 29.9 percent over the prior year and marked the 13th consecutive month of double-digit sales improvement.

Beyond the raw numbers, the company offered more Nissan highlights:

—The brand moved 83,226 units to compile a market share of 8.4 percent — a record for any month.

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