Nissan JUKE + Funny or Die “Missions”

Have you recently seen the Nissan Juke Design Studio and/or Nissan Juke Sports Illustrated campaigns? Well you might love the newest campaign that Nissan has launched with “Funny or Die!”

This is from our friends over a Nissan:

The Nissan Juke campaign launched with a spot, called “Donut Action.” In it, the Nissan Juke helps a young exec turn a normal status meeting donut run into an action-packed adventure with turbo boosts, broken glass and running over desks. In short, the Juke guy and his Juke make even the uncoolest mission cooler!

In that spirit, Funny or Die is partnering with the Nissan Juke to take real people’s missions – “Do my homework.” “Babysit my kids.” “Teach me origami!” – and transforms them from lame, everyday chores to the coolest, funniest, action adventure. You have to “like” Nissan Juke on Facebook, submit a mission to the “Mission Submission” application and then for a lucky few, the Juke Guy, his Juke and a Funny or Die film crew will show up at their door to complete their mission.

Like Greg, and his mission to do his laundry

Got a mission? The Juke Guy can help. Submit yours at!


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