Nissan GTR Fans Unite

Do you like Nissan GTR’s? The Tokyo Auto Salon provided a GTR fan with a ton of tuner trends and some crazy fast race cars. There’s no doubt that the Nissan GTR is working it’s way into the hearts and minds of many car fans around the globe. Enjoy this awesome gallery!

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Love Nissan GT-Rs? Then you most certainly would love the Tokyo Auto Salon. Featuring the latest tuning trends and most amazing race cars, much of the content on the show floor was GT-R related this year – although to be honest, the show is GT-R heavy every year.

On display were plenty of modified GT-Rs from tuners like Kansai Service, JUN and even Tommy Kaira. And let’s not forget the race car content, with the outrageous Kondo Advan GT-R GT500 race car, as well as the Motul Autech GT-R (above), which won five of the eight races in Japan’s Super GT series last year.

Check out the full gallery.


Afternoon Car Break (ACB): JDM Legends Restored

It’s been an up and down week for car enthusiasts. On the one hand, a new Porsche 911 and the upcoming debuts of the Frankfurt Auto Show looks to carry fun cars into the future. On the other hand, the death of the RX-8 (and possibly the rotary engine itself) and the rise of a slightly warmed over Camry, point to the fact that it is still a very harsh market for enthusiast cars to survive in.

However, for your afternoon break, enjoy “Depth of Speed’s” JDM Legends Restored. This video shows us that there will always be a place for enthusiast cars in the marketplace because of the emotional bonds people create with them. You won’t see videos like this expounding a person’s love of their Toyota Camry no matter how many roll off the showroom floors.

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