NAIA – The Best breaks down the best in show at the NAIA this year. This industry is getting exciting with all the new entries!

The North American International Auto Show opens to the public today and while you’ve seen all of the new vehicles splashed on television and in the newspaper, you’re probably wondering what really is new this year. What will make the biggest impression and what should you just skip?

What’s the best of the 2010 show?

If we’ve learned anything during the past week, it is that “the best” is in the eye of the beholder. Some people will flock to the Lexus stand and coo over the gold LF-ch concept and others will spend their time breathing heavily over the row of Chevrolet pickups. Both may serve best roles, but in two different worlds.

Truth be told, parked throughout Cobo Center are some of the best cars money can buy — and a few that no one can afford — but the best of the newest vehicles vary greatly. There are a lot of ways to define “best.”

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