Has Chevy dropped the ball with the Cruze?

GM has its new Chevrolet Cruze rolling off the assembly line and before you see the first commercial they might have dropped the ball. They have the sedan heading to dealer lots in the U.S. but where is the five door hatchback? AutoNews has pointed this out and I totally agree for a few reasons. First, you have a hatchback going on sale in other markets across the globe so why not sell it here? Your competitors in the likes of Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Nissan Versa and many others are selling well. Secondly, GM is touting the Cruze as one of its most important launches for the survival of this company and they don’t give customers a choice with a hatchback? I can’t see Mulally, Ghosn or Marchionne leaving a big hole in the center of a huge launch like this? Could you?

I also feel the look of the hatchback takes the Cruze further away from looking like a reduced Malibu and with that it stands on its own more. Let’s hope that the sedan sells well but even with solid sales let’s pray that the suits at Chevrolet wake up and get the hatchback here in the U.S. in showrooms asap. The Cruze might be the best small car that GM has built but that doesn’t mean customers considering a Fiesta, Corolla or Civic will think it’s one of the best to choose from in a very competitive field.


Should Ford keep Volvo?

Should can Ford still keep Volvo? Can they? Is it too late? That’s not the first I heard that question in the last few days and it won’t be the last until Volvo sells. Now that the auto market is slowing coming back to life you have to really wonder if getting rid of Volvo for a bag of chips is the right move for the Blue Oval. So far Mulally has been on the money so I’m going with his call on this one. But, I must say that Volvo is looking better everyday.

From AutoNews.com:

I found the nicest new product debuting at the Geneva show to be the Volvo S60 sedan. So I began to wonder: Is it too late to reverse Ford’s decision to sell Volvo?

Although Ford says it is still on track to complete the sale of Volvo to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group of China by the end of the month, we have seen many auto deals change course recently.

For instance, General Motors Co. decided to keep Opel rather than sell it to Magna International.

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