Mazda unveils new CX-5 Crossover SUV at Frankfurt Motor Show

Mazda invited to the Frankfurt Motor Show. Check out BE’s experience below!

Mazda invited us to join them in Frankfurt as they unveiled the new CX-5 Crossover SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The crossover market is exploding, and this new vehicle gives Mazda with a strong entry in the small crossover segment. The CX-5 is a completely new vehicle for Mazda from the technology to the design language. Mazda CEO and President Takashi Yamanouchi proudly introduced the new vehicle at the auto show along with Chief Designer Masashi Nakayama and Program Manager Hideaki Tanaka.

As you can see from the photos above, the styling on this all-new crossover is sporty and aggressive. CX-5 becomes the first production model to feature Mazda‘s new design theme, “KODO – Soul of Motion.” Chief Designer Masashi Nakayama explained: “With the CX-5, our focus was on expressing a strong sense of vitality and agility. We looked at videos of cheetahs; their agile footwork and how they use their entire body as a spring to accelerate rapidly and change the direction instantly. They emanate great energy throughout their entire body. Inspired by their efficient yet beautiful movements, we aimed to push the SUV appearance to new levels with KODO design language.” The prominent front and rear fenders and sculptured body sides give the CX-5 a distinctive look, and we’ll start seeing the new front grille and face of the vehicle showing up on other Mazda cars.

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Mazda CX-5 Debut

Mazda has debuted their new CX-5 ahead of schedule. It was supposed to be at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but apparently they just couldn’t wait to take the covers off. This model is significant for two reasons. First, this is the first iteration of Mazda’s new design direction, “Kodo.” It supposedly means “soul of motion”, but Mazda has said current Mazdas.

Secondly, the CX-5 features Mazda’s SkyActiv systems. Skyactiv is the furthest Mazda believes traditional internal combustion engines can be pushed. It has direct injection, a 14:1 compression ratio, and a few other tricks. SkyActiv is not just engines though, it optimizes the entire car for fuel efficiency, including cutting weight and tuning the transmission for maximum mileage. The CX-5 is the first to receive this treatment, but these engines should be available in all Mazdas. A traditional gas engine will probably be available here in the U.S. as standard, and Europe also gets the choice of a diesel.

Mazda wipes the smile off of the CX-5’s face and gives it some serious tech. Can’t wait to see what Kodo and SkyActiv could bring to the Mazda 3 and next-gen RX-8.


Mazda profits go Zoom-Zoom

A Mazda car is reflected in a Mazda dealership in Tokyo October 18, 2010. Shares of Mazda Motor Corp slipped on Monday after news at the weekend that top shareholder Ford Motor Co plans to sell almost all of its remaining stake in the Japanese automaker it once controlled.  REUTERS/Toru Hanai (JAPAN - Tags: BUSINESS TRANSPORT)

Mazda profits go Zoom-Zoom! Is the auto recovery ready to take hold?

From the Detroit News:

Tokyo— Mazda’s second quarter profit surged more than 10-fold as car sales grew at home and abroad, offsetting the effects of a strong yen.

The Japanese automaker reported a profit of 7.62 billion yen ($94.4 million) for July-September today, up from 707 million yen the year before.

The Hiroshima-based manufacturer of the Miata roadster and RX-8 sportscar raised its profit forecast for the full year through March 2011 to 6 billion yen ($74.3 million).

Quarterly sales rose 3.1 percent to 579.66 billion yen ($7.18 billion).

Mazda Motor Corp. said it had strong sales in Japan, North America, China and Thailand, reflecting the popularity of models like the Mazda5 and Mazda2.

The outlook for the auto market remained cloudy in the U.S. and Europe, partly because of the appreciating yen, which can make Japanese exports more expensive.

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Review of the new Mazda2 reviews the new Mazda2 subcompact, and they are quite impressed.

When standing next to the new 2011 MAZDA2, you’ll immediately notice that it looks nothing like the quirky subcompacts introduced over the past several years by other car brands. It isn’t boxy, and it doesn’t look like the designers scrunched up a larger model to fit this smaller class. Rather, you’ll see a sporty design that evokes the “Zoom, Zoom” feel that Mazda has worked so hard to establish in recent years. In a crowded but growing segment, design is critical to attract potential buyers, and Mazda appears to have succeeded in providing an option to consumers who prefer a sporty vehicle as opposed to a more radical, quirky design.

We were invited by Mazda to drive the new car in Montreal, so we were able to put it through the paces on city streets and country roads as well. The results were impressive. The automatic version sports a 4-speed transmission and only 100 horsepower, but the car zips around nicely and you rarely lament the expected lack of power, as Mazda surgically removed unnecessary weight in a meticulous engineering process. Sure, you won’t get impressive acceleration as you’re darting onto the freeway, but the car performs adequately on those roads, and in city driving the car has plenty of power as you zoom through city streets and turn through the tight corners. The car grips the road and is just fun to drive. With the manual 5-speed you get some better acceleration as you’re ramping up to top speed, but we expect you’ll be satisfied with either option.

The subcompact area is growing rapidly in North America, and we expect to see fierce competition in this space as more brands like Fiat enter the mix, but Mazda seems to have a winner with this sporty option.


Buick’s average buyer getting younger

Buick has a long way to go before they will bring in the 30 something crowd. Buick is happy that their average buyer has dropped to 61 yrs of age and that is questionable math. They will never get the Pontiac buyers in the door! They rushed to kill Pontiac which was well positioned to capture the 20 and 30 something generation but instead invested heavily in a brand most car buyers won’t even shop in the U.S.??? Another gift to Ford, Nissan, Mazda and Dodge from the General.


Now, 48 is still technically in the fat part of the US population pyramid, and far be it from me to question the youthfulness of folks who reach this age… but the two major premises in the LAT’s headline simply aren’t that true. For one thing, JD Power weighs in on the Buick-buyer-age controversy, telling the LAT that the average three years ago was 64, and that it has since fallen to 61. That contrasts with IIHS’ recent average Buick-buyer age of 65, up from a claimed average of 63 a year ago. Moreover, as the graph after the jump proves, Buick’s sales “surge” is barely perceptible in any context wider than the first quarter of this year.

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