Lotus Teams Up With Mansory

Lotus has not had the smoothest of attempts to become a first class supercar producer. For example, they hired Swiss Beatz as a “brand ambassador.” So far, every move they make continue to drive home the point that they don’t want to make cars at all, just apparel with obnoxious branding on it.

Now, Lotus is taking another ill-aimed marketing swing with Mansory, producers of garish, ghastly aftermarket equipment. You may not know the name, but their products can be seen on an terribly modified Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, etc.

Lotus is teaming up with Mansory for “bodywork, trim and special finishes” for their current product portfolio. The full result of this match-up won’t be seen until the Paris Auto Show, but I can guarantee that there will be outrage over it. Or, maybe Danny Bahar is just trolling auto enthusiasts and there is not partnership at all. What will actually be debuted in Paris is a proper successor to the Elise. One can only hope.


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