Lincoln MKT “Town Cars” on the way!

Lincoln will keep the “Town Car” nameplate on limos after discussing the decision with those who operate livery businesses. Smart move on Ford’s part as the Town Car is iconic in the limo business and the Lincoln MKT is the perfect vehicle to take the torch and run with it! We reviewed the Lincoln MKT and we walked away very impressed with this top of the line luxury SUV so it’s not a surprise that the new black limo’s riding around the country will be Lincoln MKT Town Cars!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Lincoln debuted new limousine and livery versions of its Lincoln MKT large crossover today at the International Limousine Charter and Tour show in Las Vegas.

The new vehicles will replace the Lincoln Town Car, which will be discontinued later this year, but the Town Car name will live on.

Ford has named its new livery and limousine vehicles the Lincoln MKT Town Car.

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Lincoln MKT next-gen Town Car for Ford

Mulally Ford is not wasting time preparing for the end of the line for the venerable Lincoln Town Car. Ford is making their best pitch to NYC that the new Lincoln MKT has the chops to replace the fabled Town Car for chauffeured drives around town and to and from the airport. The MKT will have the capability to be stretched for limo usage and include all wheel drive which should make this the future ride for chauffeured passengers. The Lincoln MKT is a luxurously appointed vehicle that can fill a big void for Ford and also keep many workers building product that should turn a tidy profit as well.

Great planning by Ford/Lincoln as I have the feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few “stretched” Lincoln MKT Town Rides around the city!


FORTUNE — If you’re wondering what might replace all those aging black Lincoln Town Cars used as New York City limousines when they finally reach a state beyond repair — wonder no more. Ford Motor Co (F, Fortune 500). is offering a special version of its Lincoln MKT crossover, announed just ahead of the Paris Auto Show’s public opening on October 2nd.

Black MKTs (and make no mistake — livery drivers will insist on black) are already showing up in Gotham, being put through their paces by chauffeurs trying to figure out whether their clients judge them sufficiently prestigious and sufficiently sturdy to withstand the wear and tear of livery operation in the big city.

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The limo and private car business will soon be changing


Every business person is familiar with the Lincoln Town Car, as practically every car service uses it as its base auto. The plush leather seats, roomy trunk and interior and super-smooth ride makes it a familiar oasis for trips through traffic.

This familiarity is about to be disrupted as Ford has decided to discontinue the Lincoln Town Car and the Ford Grand Marquis, another staple in fleet sales.

The Ford Crown Victoria served as the mainstay of taxi and police fleets. Its close cousin, the Lincoln Town Car, could reliably be found idling outside Lincoln Center or waiting to whisk a Wall Street type home for the evening.

But in a little more than a year, both models will go the way of the Checker cab. Ford Motor Company plans to shutter the Canadian plant that manufactures the cars and discontinue the recognizably bulky frame that gives them their shape.

That means the end for vehicles that have come to symbolize the full spectrum of New York life, from private black sedans purring on Park Avenue to the ubiquitous sight of the yellow cab, great equalizer of the varied urban tribe.

“These cars are a facet of people’s everyday experience,” said David Yassky, the city’s taxi commissioner. “Whatever takes their place will have a real and tangible influence on the city’s aesthetic.”

Passengers should prepare for a bumpier, more cramped ride. Forget roomy trunks that fit a French-door refrigerator; the older models are yielding to smaller gas-and-electric hybrid vehicles with knee-bumping back seats and flimsier frames.

The article might be overstating things a bit. Of course, the taxi business is changing rapidly in New York, and some of the new options are certainly more cramped. That said, the process of finding a new vehicle that’s roomy and offers better fuel efficiency should yield a solid replacement for the Crown Vic.

As for the luxury fleet car market, there should be plenty of options. The Lincoln Navigator has plenty of room as a large SUV, and there are plenty of larger luxury sedans that can be substituted for the Town Car. The new Lincoln MKS is a beast of an automobile, for example.

That said, we’re definitely seeing an end of an era. Ford wants to change the image of Lincoln, and they’ll never be able to do that by selling old Town Cars.


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