Lexus Pre Super Bowl Teaser & Contest

In a few weeks, Bullz-Eye will be heading to Vegas to experience the all-new GS Series from Lexus, and it just so happens to be Super Bowl weekend when Lexus will be running their first ever TV commercial during the big game. The 30 second commercial is scheduled to run during the first half of Super Bowl XLVI. A 15 second sneak peek of the commercial can be seen on Lexus social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube.

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The future Lexus LFA

This future Lexus LFA is cool in so many ways including the finish. Here’s a sneak peak before the LA Show gets underway!


Along with a handful of other Lexus show cars, it showed up at our favorite Saturday morning car meet. The handler fired it up several times so the crowd could marvel at that V10 shriek. Reactions were mixed, mainly where price was concerned. We heard more than one person say that if it had a Supra badge and sub-$100K pricetag, it would be a killer. At four times that price, the Lexus badge just doesn’t seem to win as many people over. One thing almost everyone loved was that changeable display with the sliding center gauge.

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Toyota will recall a whopping 3.8 million vehicles due to loose floormat safety issues!

Toyota Prius ext_image11

This news from Reuters is not good.

Toyota Motor Corp said on Tuesday it will recall some 3.8 million vehicles in the United States because of the risk that a loose floormat could force down the accelerator, a problem suspected of causing crashes that have killed five people.

The recall would be the largest ever for Toyota, the top global automaker that has built a reputation in the U.S. market for safety and the latest in a string of much smaller recalls in the past year.

* * *

Toyota and U.S. safety regulators warned owners to remove all driver-side floor mats from eight Toyota and Lexus models manufactured in the last six years — including the Prius hybrid — as an immediate safety precaution.

Please pass this news on to anyone who drives a Toyota or a Lexus in the United States so they can check if they are subject to this recall.


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