Check out the Lamborghini Cnossus

There’s concept cars and there’s “concept cars”. The Lamborghini Cnossus is so in your face you might feel like it might even be getting ready to lay a big kiss on you! Check out the front end of this piece of art from design students at Italy’s Scuola Politecnica di Design studio and you’ll walk away knowing something new and fresh came together.

The lines are incredible as it’s apparent many design cues originated from the spectacular Lamborghini Countach. Very nice!


On our Tuesday tour of Mediterranean area design, we move eastward from Spain to Italy where this Lamborghini Cnossus concept was born. A thesis collaboration between two Scuola Politecnica di Design students: Russian student Victor Filipchenko and Portuguese student Nelson Simoes, the Cnossus is named after a city on Crete. The designers took some inspiration from the Lamborghini Countach and made a Lambo all their own.

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