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If you haven’t seen these Jaguars in their very cool commercial on TV then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock! Either way the 2012 Jaguar XFR, XKR-S and XJL Supersport are beautiful cars and sound incredible in this clip. Looks like someone at Jag knows how to get people’s attention again and that’s great for the brand.


Jaguar to produce special edition XKR

Looks like Jaguar will be producing a special edition XKR that could generate 523 hp and still look smooth just like you would expect from a Jaguar. No word yet on the official launch but when we see it you will too!


Jaguar is currently working on a new special edition XKR, which will be a production model of the XKR Goodwood Special it showed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. The new car is in the prototype stage and recently raced around the ‘Ring in under eight minutes.

The XKR from Goodwood featured the XKR’s supercharged 5.0-liter V8 upgraded to output 523 hp and 516 lb-ft (up from 510 hp and 461 lb-ft). Other modifications included lowered suspension, 21-inch wheels and a four-pipe exhaust system. It’s capable of speeds up to 186 mph.

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Death of the Chevy name?

I had to wait a few days before commenting on the so called death of the Chevy name. A memo was leaked from inside GM and it appears the brass in marketing want to move the nickname of Chevy aside and refer to the brand only as Chevrolet. I just said Chevrolet a few times and you know what? It sounds so good that I’m sure GM can add a few thousand bucks to each Chevrolet they produce because it just sounds more expensive. That little Chevrolet Aveo can now easily fetch what a Jaguar would set us back right? Ok let’s get serious here. The nickname Chevy is going nowhere and with the pull back we now are watching from the bigs at Chevrolet they realize it too. Long live the Ford Vs. Chevy wars!!!

From the Detroit News:

GM makes Chevrolets, but people own Chevys.

That’s the message lost in all of the silly name games that hit the fan Thursday.

If you haven’t heard, here’s the short version: GM tried to kill the Chevy name, and the automaker now faces attempted manslaughter charges in the court of public opinion.

The more realistic version is this: A couple of bigwigs — namely Alan Batev, vice president of Chevrolet sales, and Jim Campbell, GM’s vice president of marketing — drafted an internal memo to the marketing team declaring “Chevy” was now a dirty word and to never use it.

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Is the Jaguar XJ the hottest cat on the road?

How good is the 2011 Jaguar XJ? The Wall Street Journal checked out the new Jag and saying that they liked it is an understatement. They were first enamored by the beauty of this elegant machine but that is where the admiration was just scratching the surface. Once inside and behind the wheel the driver was clearly blown away with the power and smoothness that combined for a refined and invigorating experience. The description of their time in this sedan and passion for this piece of art on 4 wheels is clearly something car companies can only dream about in a review but I guess that’s what Jaguars are supposed to do to us. Jags are sexy, smooth and strong (things that some argue have been missing lately) and the 2011 XJ is really what the company needed to bring it up to the podium with the superstars in the luxury sedan segment.

From the 1,200-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system to all of the high tech amenities wrapped in an incredible package the daring design by Jaguar has apparently hit the mark with the Journal.

From the Wall Street Journal:

I clearly remember the moment nearly one year ago when I first laid eyes on Jaguar’s new XJ sedan, and felt as though I’d been impaled on some gorgeous aluminum tusk. What a fantastic looking automobile. On any aesthetic scale you’d care to calibrate—modernity, chic, formal grace, raw carnality—this thing simply obliterates the competition, just grinds their bones. Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of Bavarians.

From that moment until this week, when I finally slid behind the wheel of the company’s flagship sedan, I sort of held my breath. Recent Jaguars—the XK coupe and XF sedan—have been very decent cars but always felt as if they missed greatness by a few millimeters. The 2011 XJ couldn’t possibly, as a machine, live up to all this sculptured sin.

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Jaguar Special Edito XKR Review

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something special this year take a good look at the Special Edition Jaguar XKR.


At the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, Jaguar will unveil a new Special Edition version of the XKR. Technically, the Special Edition model is a combination of two new option packs, the Speed Pack and the Black Pack.

The Speed Pack is quite simple, raising the top speed of the 510-hp supercharged V8 from 155 mph to a more frightening 174 mph. The Black Pack is essentially a new styling option and includes new front and rear spoilers, a new rear lip spoiler, 20-inch gloss-black Kalimnos wheels with red brake calipers and black trim for the window surrounds, front grilles and side vents. Jag will even offer an XKR decal for the side of the car. Inside, all Black Pack models will get charcoal leather with a variety of stitching choices, as well as three interior trim options Dark Oak, Dark Mesh Aluminum and Piano Black. Outside, all Black Pack models will be available in three paint colors: Ultimate Black, Polaris White or Salsa Red.

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