Technology continues to evolve in the auto industry

There is a lot going on in the auto industry from a technology standpoint. Below are some of the in-car technology that is on the horizon – currently being worked on in R&D labs across the globe – that will make a huge difference in all of our driving experiences, as drivers and passengers.

Heads up Display (HUD): This next-gen head-up display technology could transform the everyday windshield into a device that can make driving safer and more convenient. This enhanced vision system creates an augmented reality, leveraging night vision, navigation and camera-based sensor technologies to project images produced by ultra violet lasers onto the surface of the windshield.

Driverless “Crash-Proof” Cars: Vehicles like the Chevrolet EN-V are in the works (I’ve attached a picture). These vehicles are designed with safety in mind and have been developed especially for urban crowded areas, but will change the driving scene for everyone when they hit the roads. We are still a few years out, but making huge headway in the technology for autonomous or “crash-proof” vehicles like the EN-V.

Interactive Backseat Windows: A new virtual reality type concept in rear seat entertainment technology that uses the windows themselves. GM’s R&D team has been working on apps for windows that allow you to draw, play games, “peek” into other locations around the globe in real time, share music and other messages with other passengers on the road and much more with the touch of your fingers. Here’s a link to a video demonstrating some of the apps.

The “Connected” Vehicle: Looking at the future of in-car technology, Wi-Fi and smart phone connectivity are going to be standard. Right now the next generation in-car infotainment systems are hitting the industry with features like voice activated systems and screens that are more like tablets. The Cadillac CUE system is a great example of this. In the future, we are going to be more connected than ever, with our vehicles going on the grid, allowing for autonomous vehicles that “talk” to other cars on the road.


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