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The best part about an old 3/4 helmet is the look, but the safety aspect leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, the best part about a full face helmet is the safety, but they often look our of place on a vintage bike. Do you see the opportunity here? Well so does Icon. Teaming up with Silodrome.com, Icon Motorsports will be creating a full face helmet that has the vintage look you want with the safety your face needs.

Bullz-Eye has a variety of Icon products, including an Alliance helmet, that we will be reviewing in the next week. So stay tuned for both that article, and this new Icon project at Silodrome.com.

With riding season just around the corner, Icon is making sure you can ride in style while making sure you are fully protected.


Get Apocalypse Ready with Icon’s 1000 Collection

So, the apocalypse has happened. Whatever is going to be the cause- zombies, asteroid, disease, Justin Bieber’s new CD, etc.- it’s going to be bad. But there is a bright side. Think about it, all those empty roads, no distracted drivers, and an endless supply of recently abandoned motorcycles at your disposal. If it wasn’t doomsday, it would be motorcycle heaven. But, if your going to be riding around in the apocolyptic future, your’re going to need protection. You don’t want to crash and get taken by the zombie hoards do you?

Luckily, Icon has you covered. With their new 1000 collection, they have motorcycle gear that has been styled for the urban frontier. Stripped of logos, and stuffed with armor and attitude, these gloves, helmets, jackets, and boots are ready for battle. They even have t-shirts so you can look stylish while foraging for supplies. Icon has even gone the extra mile by customizing a few bikes to showcase the “post-apocalypse” look of the near future.

Best part is, you don’t have to wait for he end of the world since the gear is available right now. Check out Icon1000.com website for more information, and pictures of the customized bikes. Don’t wander around waiting to be attacked by zombies when doomsday comes, explore and attack the apocalypse head-on from the seat of a motorcycle.


ACB: Drift Battle Outtake Crash

A little over a week ago, Icon debuted their second installment in their drift battle series. As the credits rolled, their was brief glimpse of a drift gone terribly wrong. Apparently, this crash happened while the driver was taking one last pass up the mountain, but in his personal 240SX, not the Cobra featured in the video. Icon has noticed the attention that this crash has gotten and has released a video showing the full footage of that crash for the lulz. Let the good times roll…


Icon Presents Drift Battle Part 2

British bikes, American muscle, and Japanese style driving are combined in the newest Icon production to create one helluva ride. A followup to their first car vs. bike drift battle ; part two documents a dogfight between two riders on modified Triumph Speed Triples and one marvelously mustachioed cop in a Cobra Mustang. The sound this video’s awesomeness nearly drowns out the whine of the Cobra’s supercharger.


Take Revenge on Bad Drivers

We’ve all been there. Terrible drivers nearly force you off the road by cutting you off while on the phone, blissfully unaware of their own stupidity. This is an inconvenience in a car, but can be a deadly situation on a bike. Icon (a motorcycle apparel manufacturer) imagines a scenario where you can retaliate against terrible drivers everywhere. And in their dreams, revenge is a dish best served on a fiery hot platter while riding Harley Davidsons.

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