ACB: Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Italia Vintage HRE wheels from eGarage on Vimeo.

Once again, HRE’s vintage wheels have made it onto Afternoon Car Break. This time though, we see the wheels in motion on a stunning Ferrari 458. Make sure to crank the volume at the end of the video (hint, hint). And for the full rundown on the wheels of the car, check the original post here.


ACB: HRE Wheels: The Birth of the Vintage Series

HRE Wheels: The Birth of the Vintage Series from StanceWorks on Vimeo.

As a recovering wheel addict, (I have a weakness for vintage BBS wheels) I continue to be drawn to a nice set of wheels on a well modified car. However, the wheels of my dreams are not the chrome monstrosities you’d find on a donk, but wheels with vintage motorsport pedigree. The problem though is getting older wheels onto newer cars. Sometimes old wheels just don’t come in the sizes and offsets needed for new cars. HRE has a solution though with their new Vintage Series of designs. What they’ve done is reinterpret classic wheel styles with current technology and sizes. Additionally, they’ve produced a video to show how just they do it too.

The results of this hard work are truly timeless.


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