How to buy your first car

ITAR-TASS 85: YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA. MARCH 14, 2010. Customer visits the showroom of a car dealer, which accepts vouchers worth 50000 roubles ($1677) given by the government to people who turn in a car more than 10 years old under cash-for-clunkers program. Such vouchers can be used to buy any Russian-made car, including foreign brands assembled in this country. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Anton Butsenko) Photo via Newscom

For all of you 1st time car buyers out there here is a great article in the Chicago Tribune.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Mom’s scrapbook includes (or will include) a photo of you with your first car, for good reason. It is a badge of your independence, financially and figuratively. Acquiring your first wheels, though, is a road pocked with potholes. So, before you allow shiny new cars to blur your judgment, cruise the Internet and scour the media to narrow down your choices and determine what your budget allows, then bone up on what to watch out for when you go out to dealerships.

The bible of the industry is Kelley Blue Book (, which lists prices. Search dealer inventories on Consumer Reports magazine ( compares cars’ performance. For advice that targets the under-25 set, go to

Read the entire article here.


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