Honda RC-E Concept is a Breath of Fresh Air

The Crosstour, the CR-Z, the Insight, and the redesigned Civic all point to Honda losing the plot when it comes to making cars. But, out of the Tokyo Auto Show this year, comes a glimmer of hope from their motorcycle concept the RC-E. The RC-E is simply put, the prettiest bike to come out of Honda in a long time, production or concept. It also happens to be electric.

A far cry from the bloat and mediocrity of Honda’s current cars and bikes, the RC-E is a slender, simple piece of rolling art that is also environmentally friendly. Designed with a modern twist on 70’s superbike aesthetics, the concept points to a future where electric power isn’t only easy on the environment, but also your eyes. It also means that deep in the bowels of Honda lie a group of engineers and designers who still know how to make products that break away from mediocrity in the pursuit of something more.

However, this bike is only a concept, and will probably never be produced. Honda’s tagline used to be “The Power of Dreams,” but let’s hope that dreams of the RC-E (and a return to form for Honda in general) become a reality.


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