Honda RC-E Concept is a Breath of Fresh Air

The Crosstour, the CR-Z, the Insight, and the redesigned Civic all point to Honda losing the plot when it comes to making cars. But, out of the Tokyo Auto Show this year, comes a glimmer of hope from their motorcycle concept the RC-E. The RC-E is simply put, the prettiest bike to come out of Honda in a long time, production or concept. It also happens to be electric.

A far cry from the bloat and mediocrity of Honda’s current cars and bikes, the RC-E is a slender, simple piece of rolling art that is also environmentally friendly. Designed with a modern twist on 70’s superbike aesthetics, the concept points to a future where electric power isn’t only easy on the environment, but also your eyes. It also means that deep in the bowels of Honda lie a group of engineers and designers who still know how to make products that break away from mediocrity in the pursuit of something more.

However, this bike is only a concept, and will probably never be produced. Honda’s tagline used to be “The Power of Dreams,” but let’s hope that dreams of the RC-E (and a return to form for Honda in general) become a reality.


Honda CEO Disappointed with Crosstour Sales

In a meeting at the 2011 Tokyo International Auto Show, Tetsuo Iwamura, Honda USA President and CEO, remarked that he was frustrated with slow sales of Honda’s Crosstour stating:

“In the case of the Crosstour, I’m really disappointed because that’s a nice car, [with] very beautiful styling, and it gives very good driving performance as well as packaging. But yet, we went a bit too far.”

Honda wanted to sell 40,000 units of the “lifestyle” crossover, but managed to move only 25,000 in 2010. This year they have only managed to move 16,679. Iwamura is confident that Crosstour sales can be salvaged with further improvements, but I have a different idea for Mr. Iwamura.

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