Best Supercars of the Decade

Ari Cox of ranked the top 10 best supercars of the decade. Check out which car was ranked No. 1.

Last decade witnessed one of the greatest evolutionary steps in automotive history: technology and market dynamics created the perfect storm for the birth of the hypercar. There have always been companies and individuals who pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, but the horsepower and high-performance craze somehow became fully embraced by the auto industry in the 2000s. And as vehicles at the upper end of the spectrum began reaching vertigo-inducing acceleration and speed, it forced the mid-tier sports cars to step up their game as well. Cars like the Bugatti Veyron, whose price and performance specs made it a highly unlikely production vehicle in the 90s, has become just one of many in a new breed of uber-expensive rocket ships. Let’s take a look at the supercars whose tire-vaporizing performance has truly changed the game in last decade.

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