Golf GTI Edition 35 Reviewed

British car magazine EVO just finished reviewing the the VW Golf GTI Edition 35. The VW Golf GTI Edition 35 is a European only model that celebrates the 35th anniversary of the GTI’s introduction. The Edition 35 is subtly tweaked inside and out from the stock GTI with more power, some new body parts, and some traditional GTI interior cues (such as a golfball shift knob).

EVO had this to say about how these tweaks affect overall performance:

Technical highlights?
The in-line, turbocharged four cylinder is actually a detuned version of the Golf R’s engine rather than a tweaked version of the standard GTI’s motor. It puts out 232bhp (25bhp more than the standard car), which makes it the fastest production GTI ever. Happy Birthday indeed.

What’s it like to drive?
The most noticeable thing about the new engine is how it really likes to be revved – unusual for a turbocharged unit. It is, as you’d expect, also slightly quicker. In these days of RS500 Foci, the 35 doesn’t feel like a fireball, but where the standard car felt just a little lacklustre for a modern hot hatch, the 35 feels more on the current pace.

The 35 will be offered with either a manual or DSG twin-clutch gearbox and in both three- and five-door variants. The gearbox choice is really down to personal preference (I’d have the manual, but the DSG works fantastically and I can see the appeal), however things are a little more clear-cut when it comes to body styles. Get the three-door if you can because it feels noticeably stiffer and slightly sharper to drive.

There’s a lovely polish to the manners of the GTI with steering, pedal weight and ride all smooth and precise. Occasionally you feel it would benefit from a few more teeth in the way it handles but it’s still a great thing to dissect a good piece of road with.

As of right now, VW has no plans to introduce the Edition 35 here. Pity

For more details and pictures of the Edition 35 in action, check out the article here.


Free Real Racing GTI Game brings Volkswagen’s new 2010 GTI to iPhone and iPod touch


Volkswagen had a cool event last week where they introduced the new 2010 GTI in a unique way.

Volkswagen of America, Inc. today announced the launch of the all new 2010 GTI via the App Store by making available a free version of the popular Firemint Real Racing game that exclusively features the all-new 2010 GTI. This is the first time an automotive manufacturer has used the App Store to launch a new vehicle. Additionally, users of the Real Racing GTI App in the U.S. can compete for the chance to win one of six, limited-edition 2010 GTI’s that are fully customized inside and out.

The free Real Racing GTI App is available worldwide and spares no detail, allowing players to experience every thrilling aspect of the all-new 2010 GTI right in the palms of their hands on iPhone and iPod touch. From the redesigned exterior with more aggressive headlights and the famous red-striped grille, to the sporty interior with a race-inspired steering wheel, the all-new 2010 GTI races its way to life on the screen for a thrilling gaming experience.

The contest sounds very cool, and you can go here for more information on how to enter. Registered players of the Real Racing GTI App can win one of six limited-edition 2010 GTI models. The more you play, they more chances you have to win. Each week for six consecutive weeks beginning today, one player will be chosen to win the ultimate racing prize: the exclusive GTI MkVI, an individually numbered, specially tuned version of the legendary hatchback. Each model includes the GTI’s 2.0T 200 hp four-cylinder engine, a performance tuned suspension finished with black, Volkswagen motorsport 18-inch all-new wheels, and special interior touches, including carbon fiber-look trim, a numbered dash plaque, and unique stitches in the front headrests.

We have to agree that the new model looks cool.


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