Next Generation Nissan Z To Go Hybrid

We’re test driving the 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition as I write (look for the review soon) so we were intrigued to see that a possible Hybrid 370Z is on the way from Nissan. This would make a very attractive sports car even better if performance and power remain intact. The industry is moving at a very fast pace and that makes it an exciting time to see all of the new developments that will make great cars even more desirable going forward.


Nissan’s Datsun 240Z broke ground in the early 1970’s by offering bulletproof reliability and the performance of a Jaguar E-Type for a third of the cost. The next generation Z-car could be similarly important by mating a hybrid drivetrain into a serious performance car, if reports coming out of Japan are accurate.

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MotorTrend: The Cars We’re Looking Forward to Driving

MotorTrend takes what they saw in Geneva and breaks down the cars they look forward to driving. We’d like to get our hands on a few of these gems as well.

Porsche’s hybrid supercar concept is the star of the show, and the good news is that while it’s a concept, it’s anything but vaporware. The 918 Spyder’s technical specification reads like a science experiment and its claimed performance like science fiction. But as Mike Connor reports, Porsche is apparently considering building a strictly limited run of production versions — maybe 750 to 1250 in total — using a similar business model as the Carerra GT’s. Significantly, Porsche CEO Michael Macht made a point of saying the company has only ever shown one concept car that never made it into production. So consider our hand up for the first drive. Please form an orderly line to the left.

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