No business plan for GMAC?

GMAC is on the ropes? That’s right, after over $17 billion in US taxpayer bailout funds this is the new headline ” Congressional panel says GMAC has no business plan; suggests break up” We need some answers fast! Maybe Alan Mulally could right this ship?

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WASHINGTON — GMAC Inc. still has no business plan even after receiving a $17.2 billion investment from the government, and the Treasury Department has been lax in making sure that the bank repays taxpayers, a congressional panel said today.

“The panel is deeply concerned that Treasury has not required GMAC to lay out a clear path to viability or a strategy for fully repaying taxpayers,” said the Congressional Oversight Panel, which was created to oversee Treasury’s spending of Troubled Asset Relief Program funds.

Treasury should consider the possibility of breaking up GMAC and merging its auto-finance unit back into General Motors Co., the panel said in a statement.

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US Government new majority owner of GMAC

The US Government will now be the new majority owner of GMAC after pumping another $3.8 billion into the struggling company. Let’s hope it works!

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GMAC Financial Services said today it will get $3.79 billion in additional aid from the U.S. government, on top of the $12.5 billion already received since December 2008.

GMAC, in a statement released late this afternoon, said that with the infusion it achieved the capital levels required by the Federal Reserve to meet the company’s “worse-than-expected economic scenario.”

GMAC said the $3.79 billion cash infusion was less than the $5.6 billion originally expected by the Fed in May 2009 because of lower-than-expected losses related to the General Motors Co. bankruptcy proceedings, which concluded in July.

As part of the latest bailout, the government also increased its equity stake in GMAC from 35.4 percent to about 56.3 percent, the statement said.

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