GM CEO takes off the gloves in swipe at Lincoln’s viability

Things are heating up again between the General and the Blue Oval as GM CEO Akerson takes a hard swipe at the slumping Lincoln brand. GM must be very confident in the new Cadillac models coming very soon and flat out unimpressed on the new Lincoln’s coming to showroom floors. It’s time both brands look at targeting the real sales leaders in the luxury market and at this point I have to say the new Cadillac XTS and ATS are good starts.

From Auto Blog:

“They are trying like hell to resurrect Lincoln. Well, I might as well tell you, you might as well sprinkle holy water. It’s over.”

So says General Motors CEO Dan Akerson, speaking to reporters from The Detroit News. Fightin’ words to be sure, though it seems the suits at Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand that competes with Cadillac here in the United States, have declined to comment on Akerson’s statement.

The dismissal of the Lincoln brand seems especially interesting given Akerson’s reported take on the current state of Cadillac. Akerson is said to believe that Cadillac isn’t yet where it needs to be, saying the brand needs another 12 to 24 months of gestation. By that time, there ought to be bookends to the current CTS in place in the form of the ATS (smaller) and XTS (larger, replacing the STS and DTS).

Still, Akerson doesn’t expect to “blow the doors off” Cadillac’s competition, saying instead that “they will be very competitive.” We’d think Caddy would be aiming squarely at something more like “class leading,” but what do we know?

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Lutz Comes Back to The General

Here’s more evidence from From the Detroit News that Detroit is serious about the car guys.

General Motors said Friday its former head of product development, 79-year-old Bob Lutz, is on the company roster as a part-time special adviser. He had been informally advising GM executives since his retirement in 2010.

“I’ll basically be doing formally what I did informally for the past 16 months — general observation and advice to senior management … whoever wants the view of a highly experienced outsider as an aid in arriving at what, in all cases, will be their judgment,” said Lutz, a former GM chairman and legendary figure in the industry.

His return comes at a critical time for GM as the Detroit automaker tries to sustain momentum built on vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt and Buick Regal — cars developed under Lutz’s watch.

“The company is in great shape and is being extraordinarily well-led. I’ve seen the ‘post-Lutz’ products, and they’re great. But they value my opinion, and, as you know, I enjoy offering it,” Lutz said.

Analysts like Jeremy Anwyl, CEO of the automotive website, praised the move.

“This is a good thing for GM. Even with his depth of experience, Bob can always be counted on as a source offresh ideas,” Anwyl said.

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GM to be more youth oriented?

Is this the future design of the fabled Corvette? Word has it GM wants a more “youth oriented” appeal with a smaller design for the next gen C-7. Whichever direction or market that they are targeting that is one smooth looking ride!


General Motors sees rough waters ahead for the Corvette unless changes are made to the vehicle now. So in an effort to solve any potential issues before they actually become problems, Chevy has decided to look outside America for help.

So what would sort of problems could the incredibly capable American icon have? Well, according to a report in AutoWeek, GM saw a 48 percent sales decline for the Corvette over the last year, while the bigger issue might be that the average age of Corvette buyers continues to rise. Last year, the average age was 54. Chevy believes that in order to combat this issue and make the Vette more attractive to a younger demographic it needs a design change. After all, the car’s performance certainly can’t be in question.

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GM changing for the better?

Whatever happens with GM in the future you can’t say they aren’t trying everything they can think of to drive sales now. This new idea appears to be a sound one and I say keep reinventing yourself GM and good things may follow. I can’t help but get the feeling that GM is really changing for the better!

The trucks left Friday for a 40-factory road show to bring some of General Motors’ newest vehicles to the company’s workers across the country.

It’s part of GM’s effort to give more workers a chance to test-drive the company’s cars and trucks, and possibly lead to new sales for the automaker.

GM sales were up 14% in January, but the company is still rebuilding after emerging from bankruptcy in July.

Vehicles — such as the Chevrolet Equinox midsize SUV and Buick LaCrosse sedan — should arrive Monday at the first stops: GM plants in Arlington, Texas; Shreveport, La.; Defiance, Ohio, and Tonawanda, N.Y.

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GM bouncing back strong

Don’t mess with the General. GM announces the addition of a 3rd shift at Lordstown as the automaker ramps up for the new Chevy Cruze. If this vehicle is a hit GM will be “cruzing” into the Spark launch in the near future.

From the Detroit News:

General Motors Co. has invested $1.4 billion in more than a dozen plants and created about 5,500 jobs since emerging from bankruptcy court in July.

The investment and job moves are a stark contrast to last year, when GM shed factories, implemented unprecedented production cuts and slashed thousands of jobs in bankruptcy.

GM emerged from bankruptcy with about $50 billion in federal aid.

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