Can Ford catch up in China?

Is it too little too late for Ford in China? The Truth About Cars discusses.

Ford is finally waking up from sleeping through the fact that China became the world’s largest car market 2 years ago, and that China will most likely grow explosively for the next 20 years. Ford will introduce 15 new vehicles in China by 2015, the company told Automotive News [sub]. Ford will also more than double the number of its 340 dealerships in China by 2015. Ford furthermore is looking at doubling the work 1,200 strong workforce at its joint venture with China’s Chang’an.

This year will see pretty much nothing of these ambitious plans. The first of the 15 new cars for China will be the all-new Ford Focus compact. Ford will start Chinese production of the new Focus in 2012. An initial capacity of 150,000 units is planned at a new joint venture plant with Changan in Chongqing. AN says that Ford is “expanding rapidly to close the gap on rivals such as Volkswagen AG and General Motors Co. in the world’s largest auto market.”

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Ford vs. GM

The Ford vs. GM battle is going strong even after 100 years!


FORTUNE — It’s the mother of all corporate rivalries, bigger than Coke vs. Pepsi, older than Nike vs. Reebok, and more compelling than Pampers vs. Huggies. It’s fought with billion-dollar budgets for new models and marketing, and it is subject to more ups and downs than the stock market.

While it may be temporarily overshadowed by the troubles of Japanese auto makers, and imperiled long-term by the rise in oil prices, one constant remains in Detroit: General Motors vs. Ford. The two companies have been battling it out for profits, market share, and hometown bragging rights almost from the time GM (GM) was founded in Flint, Michigan in 1908, five years after Ford (F, Fortune 500) got started in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn.

Keeping score means watching three major indicators: annual profit, market capitalization, and U.S. market share — both retail share to private customers and overall share that includes fleet buyers.

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Continental recalled tires

If you’re truck has these Continental tires get to a Ford Dealer or contact Continental like really fast and they should be replaced!

(file) – A dpa file picture dated 29 October 2009 shows a Continental tire. Tire manufacturer Continental is looking to increase revenue and profits in light of the worldwide car boom Photo: Jens Ressing

From the Detroit News:

Washington— Continental AG’s North American unit is recalling 390,000 truck tires following a fatal crash involving a Ford pickup in September, the company announced Friday.

Most of the recalled tires were used as original equipment on new Ford F-250 and F-350 vehicles.

The company said 330,000 of the tires were used on new 2008-09 Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks, while the rest were sold as replacement tires on Ford and other trucks.

The recall by South Carolina-based Continental Tire was prompted after the company received notice in January of a fatality involving a vehicle with a tire that has now been recalled.

The company hasn’t identified a root cause of the crash, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Continental and Utah State police are trying to figure out if the tire was to blame.

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2012 Ford Focus enters the 40mpg club!

It’s never a bad time to announce a new vehicle has been rated 40mpg by the EPA but at this point in history it’s a great time with gas climbing daily! The new 2012 Ford Focus has made it into the 40mpg club with an automatic transmission so the battle with the venerable Hyundai Elantra should make things that much better for consumers.

From the Detroit News:

The 2012 Ford Focus received a government rating of achieving 40 miles per gallon on the highway, as the automaker’s global launch of the compact spurs jobs among its supplier base, company officials said Friday.

The Environmental Protection Agency also certified the Focus as getting 28 mpg in city driving, Ford said. The rating applies to a model with a four-cylinder direct-injection engine and six-speed automatic transmission, as well as other fuel saving features.

The fuel economy news came as the Dearborn automaker announced its supplier network has expanded to meet the demand of its C-segment platform, which underpins the new Focus. Many of Ford’s 310 global suppliers are adding jobs, facilities and equipment to build parts for the new Focus. Among the major Focus suppliers, 5,500 jobs have been added at facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, the automaker said.

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Ford steps up to the plate in a Big Way with the new 2012 GT350 Convertible

Ford steps up to the plate in a Big Way with the new 2012 GT350 Convertible option being shown in Chicago. This is one of the sharpest sports cars I have seen in awhile and when you factor in the price point compared to other nameplates it might sound crazy but the 2012 GT350 Convertible is a “value play” for those in this market. This is one summer ride that we would love to review in the coming months so at least our readers know we’re trying to get our hands on one of these machines!


The 2011 Shelby GT350 followed nearly the same philosophy as the Ford Model T. You could get it in any color you want as long as it was white with blue stripes. That’s changing for 2012, as Shelby will also be offering the GT350 in Race Red and Kona Blue. A convertible option will be available, as well. In fact, this is the first time Shelby has built a drop-top GT350 since 1970.

The 2012 GT350 will offer up identical performance as the 2011 model, although one could argue that it didn’t need an upgrade in the first place. Customers can choose between the 430-horsepower base model or opt for either 525- or 624-horsepower versions. Additional upgrades include a full body kit, Cragar wheels, larger brakes, sport suspension and more. The convertible also comes with the option of a light bar. You can read full details about the 2012 Shelby GT350 after the jump, and check out our live photos from the show floor in the gallery below.

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