Ford Focus Electric on its way to showrooms!

The next electric car in the ring is the Focus Electric with a starting price of $39,995 which is competitive to what’s available at this time. Word is that a full charge will deliver somewhere between 70 and 100 miles. Not too bad right out of the gate and hopefully we’ll be a ble to get behind the wheel of this new Ford offering in the very near future so we can report our findings!


DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. has priced its gasoline-free Focus Electric at $39,995, including freight — a price identical to the Chevrolet Volt and $3,945 more than the Nissan Leaf.

The vehicle has a one-speed transmission and comes standard with a 92-kilowatt electric motor with lithium ion battery, MyFord Touch and 17-inch aluminum wheels.

Like buyers of the Volt and Leaf, purchasers are eligible for a federal income tax credit of as much as $7,500.

The Focus Electric will be available in small numbers before year end in California and the New York City area, and is the first of five planned electrified vehicles from Ford.

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Ford’s Police Interceptor more durable than Crown Vic?

The highly anticipated (in jails and FOP lodges around the country) “Police Interceptor” from Ford has finally been uncovered! That is one tough looking Cruiser and it comes with an optional AWD with 365 horsepower.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Ford introduced its all-new Police Interceptor to a crowd of law enforcement officials today at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas and said it is developing a new sport utility-based police vehicle that it will unveil later this year.

The new Police Interceptor that Ford introduced today will replace the company’s iconic Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which has dominated police car sales for years.

Ford said the new vehicle is more durable and performs better than the outgoing Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. The new car is based on the same structure as the Ford Taurus full-size sedan and will be built at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant.

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Ford Kuga to replace Escape

Probably a good move for Ford and you can believe Ford will keep the Escape name on this bad boy! Remember the Ford Five Hundred (spelled out none the less) debacle a few years back? Mr. Mulally understands the value of an established nameplate.


Ford’s popular Escape crossover is set to be replaced in 2012 with the European Kuga. Recent reports suggest, however, that this new model may keep the Escape badge. According to Ward’s Auto, several Ford dealers have commented that it would be a waste to do away with the Escape badge as it has excellent recognition in the market and as the Escape is one of Ford’s top sellers and has even given the Toyota RAV-4 a run for its money.

“I believe the Escape is a great vehicle with a great reputation and that it would be a big mistake to kill the Escape name,” Owen Mossy, general manager of San Diego-based Mossy Ford, told Ward’s.

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Ford expects Volvo deal with Geely

This is good news for Ford as they will finally move on from the disastrous “Premium Automotive Group” dream of years gone by! But the bigger news in the aggressive Chinese auto firms that include Volvo suitor Geely Automotive. The Volvo move is another round of the Chinese building distribution in the North American market that should pay off big time when they hit the ground running. This whole market will change once the Chinese arrive!

From the Detroit News:

Ford Motor Co. today said it is close to finalizing a deal to sell its Swedish luxury brand, Volvo, to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.

In a statement released this morning, the Dearborn automaker confirmed that “all substantive commercial terms relating to the potential sale of (Volvo) have been settled,” but added that “some work still remains to be completed before signing — including final documentation, financing and government approvals.”

Geely released its own statement today — one that sought to reassure Volvo employees and the Swedish government.

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Ford to invest $2.3 billion to modernize factories

With Ford continuing on their comeback streak they appear to be keeping the pedal to the metal with factory upgrades. Ford is reported to invest $2.3 billion in Brazil over the next five years to modernize factories and hopefully increase production. Ford is really making a move to re-establish themselves as one of the top auto companies going into the next decade.

From the Detroit News:

More than half of the money will be spent to expand production at the factory, which is Ford’s most advanced assembly plant in the world, and to modernize production at Troller Veículos Especiais S/A in Horizonte, Ceará, which Ford bought in 2007. The rest will be reserved for future product investments.

Ford spokeswoman Jennifer Flake said it represents the largest five-year investment in Ford do Brazil’s 90-year history.

“It will give us greater manufacturing flexibility,” she said.

Michael Robinet, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at CSM Worldwide in Northville, called the investment well-timed.

“It is an important market,” he said, adding that Brazilian consumers are becoming more sophisticated and are no longer satisfied with cast-off models from Europe and the United States. “Going forward, Ford knows that it will be a critical market for global platforms.”

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