Ford Focus Electric on its way to showrooms!

The next electric car in the ring is the Focus Electric with a starting price of $39,995 which is competitive to what’s available at this time. Word is that a full charge will deliver somewhere between 70 and 100 miles. Not too bad right out of the gate and hopefully we’ll be a ble to get behind the wheel of this new Ford offering in the very near future so we can report our findings!


DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. has priced its gasoline-free Focus Electric at $39,995, including freight — a price identical to the Chevrolet Volt and $3,945 more than the Nissan Leaf.

The vehicle has a one-speed transmission and comes standard with a 92-kilowatt electric motor with lithium ion battery, MyFord Touch and 17-inch aluminum wheels.

Like buyers of the Volt and Leaf, purchasers are eligible for a federal income tax credit of as much as $7,500.

The Focus Electric will be available in small numbers before year end in California and the New York City area, and is the first of five planned electrified vehicles from Ford.

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Ford Teases Frankfurt Concepts

The Frankfurt Auto Show is rapidly approaching so automakers are already trying to build buzz for their debuts. Ford is no exception. Not only are they touting their largest display to date, but also four new vehicles. Not many details are known, but one is a concept and the other three are production models. One production model is forecasted to be the Focus ST. The performance Focus is slated to debut with a 240hp eco-boosted 4 cyl, and the looks to match the performance. However, details of the Focus ST have been widely known for some time, so Ford must have something really exciting up their sleeve on the concept side.

I’m placing my bets on either a Focus coupe/Capri remake. A coupe version of the Focus is the missing link in the lineup so it is logical addition to have debut. It would probably compete with the wildly successful VW Scirocco that we don’t get here in the states.

On the other hand, the Capri is a much-loved icon in Europe, and has been long heralded to make a return. Additionally, in July, Ford debuted a Falcon concept in Australia , so a performance concept for Europe is not completely unfounded. It’s a long shot, but if they could make a RWD compact like the old Capri, for the price of a Focus, it would be heaven. All these debuts are slated to go global, so hope for the best because we will get them too. Stay tuned for September’s Frankfurt Auto Show


Ford’s Police Interceptor more durable than Crown Vic?

The highly anticipated (in jails and FOP lodges around the country) “Police Interceptor” from Ford has finally been uncovered! That is one tough looking Cruiser and it comes with an optional AWD with 365 horsepower.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Ford introduced its all-new Police Interceptor to a crowd of law enforcement officials today at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas and said it is developing a new sport utility-based police vehicle that it will unveil later this year.

The new Police Interceptor that Ford introduced today will replace the company’s iconic Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which has dominated police car sales for years.

Ford said the new vehicle is more durable and performs better than the outgoing Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. The new car is based on the same structure as the Ford Taurus full-size sedan and will be built at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant.

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Ford trying to jump start economy

Ford is doing their part to jump start this economy with another announcement that will bring people back to work at The Cleveland Engine Plan with a $155 Million investment. They will be building the new and well touted 3.7 liter V-6 engine that will drop into the 2011 Mustangs!

Ford Motor Co. will invest $155 million in its Cleveland Engine Plant to produce the new 3.7-liter V-6 for the 2011 Ford Mustang.

The move is part of a broader push to introduce nine new engines and transmissions in North America this year. With today’s announcement, Ford is two-thirds of the way to its goal — investing a total of $1.8 billion to build six of those at factories from Mexico to Canada.

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Why did Ford build the Flex?

Why did Ford build the Flex? This boxy vehicle was supposed to fill a gap in the lineup that was partially occupied by the Ford Windstar..ehhhhh do I have to mention the Freestar??? Even though Ford didn’t put huge numbers out there for the Flex to hit in regards to sales it has to be a disappointment for The Blue Oval. This Flex is so damn boxy and awkward it really turns a lot of us off and for the price tag you would hope for more better styling. (hint: Chevy Traverse or GMC Acadia to name a few)

It is interesting to see that Peter Horbury has been shipped out of the design studios for Ford after laying an egg with the under achieving big box Flex and has new assignments on his desk somewhere far away from Mulally’s office. This SUV/Crossover segment is huge and very profitable and Ford just blew it with this one. I know there are those of you who like the Flex and have even purchased one but how many of your friends or kids like it too? The Ford division is not in the business to design and build micro niche vehicles! (I just made up micro niche) Ford is and always will be a mass appeal brand and maybe, just maybe, the Flex box would have been better off as a Mercury. I know it would have been just as ugly but hey, Mercury is a very small division and isn’t expected to put up the big numbers like the Ford guys and gals.

The underpinnings of this car are actually solid and the new Lincoln MKT looks fabulous (even though the price tag is high) in a much better skin so maybe we’ll see a completely new Flex box next time around! Let’s only hope…


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